Mid Life

When you are Mid-way through life, juggling your time and your money, sandwiched between caring for kids and parents, it helps to have a Coach in your Corner.  That's what a Certified Financial Planner does.   You get the benefit of someone who lives and breaths investments, insurance and alternatives, and does continuing education every year - And it's worth it!   Studies show that Canadian Households with a Financial Advisor accumulate 2.5x more assets over the long term than non-advised households. 


Benefit from a Budget!

A budget can reduce your stress and allow you to avoid debt and stay on track to achieving your goals.  A budget can help you be prepared for unexpected expenses and save for your future.  The Financial  Consumer Agency of Canada has prepared this interactive budget tool.  There are many apps that you can choose from to track and categorize your expenses.  The first step in managing your money is knowing where it is going. 


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