Retirement Planning

Retirement can start at many different ages, but when you are age 50 - 65, you tend to start thinking about retirement.   You might stop counting your number of years of experience and start counting your number of years remaining to work.   These days, many Canadians stop a high-power or stress job and move to part-time or seasonal work, being "semi-retired".   You may be needed to take care of aging parents or help out with young grandchildren, but many in this age range are starting to feel that they are able to balance their work and their life.

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Income Tax Planning

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Preparing for Emergencies

What happens if you owe a $10,000 dental bill?  Or you need medication or treatments not covered by our provincial healthcare plan?  What if you are laid off and lose your health and dental benefits?  What if your are injured while out of the country?  What if you suddenly are diagnosed with a critical illness?  What would happen if, as you age, you become unable to do the activities of daily living for yourself? 

What happens if you can't pay your mortgage?  If you die or become disabled?  Planning ahead for these emergencies can provide peace of mind. 

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Ready to Retire?


Can I retire?  How much will I spend in retirement?  How much will I receive from pensions?  How much will I need to save for myself?  What if I'm forced to retire early?  All of these factors and more will go into the Financial and Retirement Plan that we will work on together. You have likely made some preparations for retirement, but you may not be sure you can "flip the switch", and live on your savings.   This video addresses some of the risks you may worry about, and how a Financial Planner can help.