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Retirement isn't what it used to be!

You've made it!  No more work - no more worries, right?

Of course not.  Whether it's taking care of business, your family, or your community, you are responsible, as you always have been.  You will want to take care of your retirement income, reduce your income tax, review your financial plans, and provide for your family. 

You may have come to Canada with very little, worked hard and been successful, benefited as your house increase in value, you may have a cottage to pass to the next generation. 

You may have been downsized or outsourced or had health issues forcing you to retire before you were financially ready. 

You may be an early Boomer, in a position to build a successful career as the economy boomed. 

You may want to work part-time or seasonally as a consultant, or as you explore growing a hobby into a business, to stay challenged or sociable or just to make your savings last longer. 

Whether your "Retiring" or "Re-treading", we can help you look at the various income streams from government, employer pensions, and personal savings, and help you accomplish your retirement and estate planning goals. 

Find out more about Retirement pensions and income here.  Find out about Income Tax here.   Find out more aboaut Estate Planning here.

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Make the Most of your Retirement

What are you retiring to?  We help you plant seeds of savings as you work, to water, weed and nourish investments to grow, so that you can harvest an income in your retirement,  As your trusted advisor, I help find a balance between protecting your assets and growing them.  I help with tax planning, estimating retirement expenses, optimizing investments, and projecting income through your retirement.  See how I can help you benefit from a well-planned retirement with this video.