Travel Health Insurance 

Whether it's crossing the US border for the snowboarding or the nightlife, or crossing the ocean for thrills and adventure, we can help.  If you are a Canadian going out of country or out of province, you'd better back some travel health insurance. 

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Introducing Manulife Vitality

Manulife Vitality life insurance can help you Live Healthy, Earn Rewards, and Save Money. For the first time, your life insurance has the potential to save you money and reward you for living a longer and healthier life. And best of all, it's fun and easy - so go out and get living!

Vitality is a trademark of Destiny Health Inc., and is used by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and its affiliates under licence. Points levels for each Vitality Status and activity are subject to change.

Health and Dental coverage when you need it

Many employers do not provide health and dental coverage - especially if it is part-time, short-term, or self-employed work.  While Canada has tremendous healthcare, it does not cover things like dental, vision, prescriptions, and other benefits.  Having your own coverage now can give you the peace of mind to cope with unexpected health expenses later.  Click onthe image to find out more:


Top 20 reasons for professional financial advice

Did you know that individuals who work with a financial advisor have a net worth 4.2 times higher than those who go it alone? Read more.

Quick Issue Term - Life insurance for people on the go

Let’s face it – life moves fast. So should your insurance. Manulife Quick Issue Term™ is designed to keep up with your busy life and can help get you covered – fast. 

If you’re between 18 and 50, getting the coverage you need, up to $500,000, is simple with Manulife Quick Issue Term because it’s:

  • Easy – complete the electronic application with us in minutes - in person or over the phone
  • Quick – expect a response in as little as one business day, in most cases
  • Convenient – enjoy less intrusive underwriting – no needles or fluids and fewer medical questions

And, with the option to change to permanent insurance, you’ll secure your option to have permanent protection for life. 

For more information on Quick Issue Term Insurance, please contact us.

Family Term is a registered trademark of and is offered through Manulife Financial (The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company).

Watch out!

Are you getting a mortgage?  Worried about how it'll be paid if you pass away?  Be very careful how you insure it. 

If you buy insurance to cover your mortgage at the bank or credit union, rather than through and independant advisor licensed in Life Insurance, you may not have the coverage you want.  Recently we heard another story of someone who thought their mortgage was covered, paid premiums, and on death his family only received a refund of premiums.  This product is legal because the bank/credit union insurance is not underwritten until the insured dies.  Find out more here.




Are you protecting what’s most important?
Be sure. With InsureRight.

If something happened to you, you want to be certain you have the right coverage to protect your family, your lifestyle and everything you’ve worked hard to achieve. But there’s a lot to consider when buying insurance. What type of coverage is right for you? How much is enough?

With InsureRight, it’s simple to answer these questions. InsureRight will help outline what you need to consider so you can feel confident about the coverage you choose for your insurance needs. The InsureRight checklist is a great place to start. Begin with the step that’s right for you. And when you’re ready, visit for more tools that will help you take a closer look at your insurance needs.

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Work. Family, Your home…

There’s a lot going on in your life and insurance is probably the furthest thing from your mind.

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