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Empowering Women 

Elaine R Kelly Author brings healing and hope to the marginalized. Her historical fiction and non-fiction are empowering women and others who are sidelined or silenced by the church. She shines a light on women in the Bible and church history and amplifies biblical scholarship affirming equality regardless of gender, race, or orientation.  

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Forgotten Followers
from Broken to Bold, Book 1

AFTER YEARS OF SUBMISSION, Mara is afraid and unsure about everything--especially her nephew, Jesus. When her neighbours chase him off a cliff, they force Mara into the unknown. Joanna grapples with hiding her biracial heritage or risking the loss of her husband and son. Becoming disciples of Jesus empowers them, but will opposition from the establishment endanger their lives?

Forgotten Followers gives voice to women disciples and healing and hope to readers who feel silenced, alone or marginalized. Book 1 of From Broken to Bold, Forgotten Followers is a CIPA EVVY Silver Award Winner.
“… let Forgotten Followers bring the many women who loved and followed Jesus to life! Such a refreshing, life-giving read to see how knowing Jesus can free you… grounded in amazing historical research—and made me see Jesus' love for me in a whole new way.” Sheila Wray Gregoire, author of The Great Sex Rescue and founder of BareMarriagee 

Forgotten Followers front cover with EVVY award
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Because She Was Called
From Broken to Bold, Book 2
A Novel of the Early Church

After religious legalists kill Stephen, followers of The Way scatter. Susannah takes off to Caesarea and lands in the arms of a deacon. But will he limit her freedoms? Will she choose romance or God's call for her to speak?

Torn by grief and anger, where will Joanna turn for shelter? Will she testify before powerful men? Will loyalty to Jesus cost her the loss of her son?

“A remarkable tale affirming Christian egalitarianism that will captivate, provoke, and inspire readers on an unforgettable journey through the origins of Christianity.” -Prairies Book Review

Because She Was Called was named a Finalist in the Independent Author Awards in the categories of historical fiction, women's fiction, and LGBTQIA fiction. 

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The Sword

The Sword: A Fun Way to Engage in Healthy Debate on What the Bible Says About a Woman’s Role

Front Cover of The Sword by Elaine R Kelly

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This non-fiction presents 104 flashcards showing opposing views on gender and the Bible. These memorable snapshots give the rationale for various interpretations of women in leadership in church and society.  As hands-on discussion starters, they are an ideal way to introduce education on women in the Bible. The 180 End Notes let you continue your journey studying gender and the Bible.


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A Companion's Strength

What if you were the centurion in charge of the guards at Jesus's tomb? What if you fell asleep and the body went missing? And you had already shown your loyalty to Jesus publicly? Would the priests take you to Pilate asking for your death sentence? Where would you go? Who would support you? 

This short story is a prequel to Because She Was Called. 

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Christian blogs by Elaine R Kelly HBA MBA provide insights into women in the Bible, gender equality, church history, empowering women, and affirming LGBTQ+.  

The fiction works show women in the Bible empowered as disciples and apostles. Their stories are framed by true events described in the Bible and are intended to stimulate deeper contemplation of the Scriptures.  The fictional backstories introduce themes of overcoming trauma, racism, and gender equality. 

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