Out of Brokenness:  The Forgotten Followers is a historical Christian fiction that tells the story of Mara, broken by abuse, and Joanna, broken by racism.  Both take steps to self care and wholeness. 

Alone in a crowd, broken by anxiety and low self-esteem, Mara of Clopas is forced to leave her home and family.  Walk with Mara as she takes steps to overcome the effects of her authoritarian parents and abusive childhood.  Watch her slowly learn how to let go of her feelings of guilt, shame and worthlessness, and be born into a new self-image and sense of purpose. 

Joanna is broken by loyalty to both sides of herself:  the powerful Jewish grandfather who raised her, and the Greek father who was ostracised.  She feels like an imposter in a culture that rejects those of mixed race.  She struggles with not deserving her academic success and position.  She struggles to find acceptance for herself and hope for others.

It shines the light on every woman who interacts with Jesus in the Gospels, many of whom have been remembered only for their faults, belittled or forgotten altogether.  Read how these women work out their beliefs and become leaders, speakers, and teachers. 

It is a provocative look at how Jesus encouraged women as eyewitnesses, patrons, disciples and apostles.  Regardless of your current or past faith or church experiences, the non-traditional interpretations in this novel may help you to take steps towards self-care and wholeness and find hope and peace. 

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Alone in a crowd, broken by anxiety and low self-esteem, Mary of Clopas is forced to leave her home and family.  Following the rules and doing her duty has left Mary with feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and sense of purpose.  

Joanna feels like an imposter, broken by loyalty to both sides of herself:  the powerful Jewish grandfather who raised her, and the Greek father who was ostracized for not being Jewish.  Her mixed race gives her an imposter syndrome and she struggles for truth and acceptance in the face of the racism and exclusions of Jesus' day.  

Elaine Kelly weaves together characters and stories of the Bible with research, interpretation, history, tradition, and imagination, using conversational language and avoiding religious words.  It is a provocative story showing women called by Jesus to be leaders and teachers, encouraging today's women and challenging today's religious leaders.  If you have been hurt by religion or the church, we hope this novel helps you work out your beliefs and find healing, hope and peace.  May this story help and encourage you to be your best self, and to do all that God created you to do.  




Every year, Canadians interested in donating to charities are looking for ways to give with their heart and to give smart.  Elaine Kelly guides readers through the maze of strtegies and tax and estate implications to show how Canadians can achieve dramatic value for their charitable dollar.  With a story of a woman considering her own giving options, Give Smart is an easy read for those who want to investigate charitable donation strategies.  

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