• Senior Investment Advisor, Certified Financial Planner, Manulife Securities Incorporated

  • Life Insurance Advisor, Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.

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Find out how a trusted Financial Advisor is a guide, helping set a pace that's comfortable for today and keeps you on track for your financial goals.  Let me guide your journey as you balance spending anad saving.  Ready to take the next step?  Enjoy this video and find out how Life is better when you're prepared!  


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Elaine Kelly, MBA CFP FCSI®

Senior Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated

Life Insurance Advisor, Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.


As a Certified Financial Planner, I find many who are concerned about planning for retirement, asking how much money is enough for retirement, and seeking conservative, tax-preferred investments and income.   To answer these questions, I use a financial planning approach to help you define and achieve your personal goals.  To meet your needs, I offer a full range of solutions, including ETF's, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, GIC's, Guaranteed Income plans and life insurance,  I focus on continuous service, fee transparency, and building long-term relationships. My experience, education, and empathy will build your confidence in your retirement plans. Please Subscribe to my E-Newsletter, and Contact Me if you would like to arrange a meeting.

Continuing Education

 Each year, Elaine Kelly participates in continuing education in the industry:  It is a personal investment of time and money to keep up with portfolio management, economics, income tax and other changes that affect the financial plans of the clients she serves.  Here she is, pictured on Wall Street, New York City, after touring the New York Stock Exchange.

Elaine Kelly earned the Certified Financial Planner® (CFP)  designation in 1998 from the Financial Planning Standards Council for meeting standards in financial planning competence, continuing education and professionalism.  As a CFP professional, Elaine Kelly does a minimum of 25 hours per year of continuing education.  

Through the Canadian Securities Institute, Elaine Kelly passed the Canadian Securities Course, the Personal Financial Planning Course and Wealth Management Techniques Course, and earned the designation of Financial Management Advisor (FMA) in 2003.  She took Strategic Wealth 360 and earned the Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) 2010 and passed the Portfolio Management Techniques course (2013).

In 2015, Elaine Kelly qualified for the FCSI® designation, which is the highest honour and most senior credential in Canadian financial services. It is reserved for an elite group of experienced financial services professionals that meet the highest standards for advanced education, ethical conduct, industry experience and peer endorsement.



Giving Back

I am committed to giving back to the community I serve in several ways.  I contribute at the Leader level to the United Way of St. Catharines and District, as well as to other local and global causes.  I volunteer with the Grimsby Tennis Club and Rotary of Grimsby @Noon and I contribute as a Paul Harris Fellow to the Rotary International Foundation.  I participate in 5k runs for charity and I sponsor clients who participate in charitable events.  

To help Canadians get an overview of charitable giving options in Canada, I wrote a book on this topic, published by ECW Press in 2008, entitled "Give Smart: How to Make a Dramatic Difference with Your Donation Dollar".  

I am a member of Kingdom Advisors Canada, which provides me with a spiritual perspective on wealth and the latest information on charitable giving. 

Investment Independence

One of the ways to know that the recommendations you receive are in your best interest is to work with an Advisor who is Independent - this means no incentives or targets for in-house or selected products or solutions.  With full transparency on fees and investment options, you can be confident your portfolio is right for you.   If you qualify for our Premier fee-based accounts, you can access a wider range of products and lower-cost products such as ETF's.  An ETF, or exchange traded fund, is a marketable security that tracks an index, commodity, or a basket of assets, and trades like a common stock on a stock exchange.  Manulife Capital Markets provides us with deep research on individual stocks.  Whether you need ETF's, stocks, bonds, GIC's, guaranteed retirement income or managed portfolios, we work with some of the top suppliers in the industry to fulfil your investment goals,.  Some of our suppliers include: