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Frequently Asked Questions and Free Stuff!

Elaine R Kelly, Author of the Christian books and blogs

Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold is an empowering book for women.

Imagine yourself as a woman overcoming the trauma of abuse, grappling with racism, or feeling out of place. If a rebel teacher overturned structural inequalities, would you follow him? 

The Sword: A Fun Way to Engage in Healthy Debate on What the Bible Says About a Woman's Role contains 104 flashcards contrasting ideas using a fencing motif.

Click on the Blogs tab for research articles on church history and theology.  

Where Can I Buy the Historical Fiction Forgotten Followers?

For the widest distribution possible, it is published and distributed via IngramSparks and made available to all retailers.

Some large online retailers may elect not to carry a title unless it is published inhouse. 

Please click the linktree to get the best price from a variety of online retailers who carry Forgotten Followers or to buy directly from the publisher, FriesenPress (at the FriesenPress store, be sure to go to the bottom of the page to toggle between US$ and CDN$.

Can I buy the Forgotten Followers Paperback in Person?

Don't like shopping online?

Detest paying high shipping costs?

Desire to support local independent bookstores?

Shop at

42A Main St. West Grimsby ON

More Bookstores will be listed soon.

Please contact me:

  • if you would like me to reach out to your favourite independent bookstore 

  • if you are a bookstore owner or manager interested in consignment sales.

  • if you would like to pick up a bulk order directly from me for a group

Here is the Info Sheet for Retailers:

Where Can I Hear the Author? 

Elaine R Kelly Author is on YouTube!

Check out:

  • book trailer for Forgotten Followers: from Broken to Bold

  • video of book launch event

  • book trailer for The Sword

  • Author interviews

  • videos on topics of biblical equality and women in leadership.

Please contact me to arrange:​

  • Public readings/signings

  • Interviews/Appearances

Can I get a FREE sample?

Yes! FREE pdf sample of chapter 1 of Forgotten Followers!

Below is a Free PDF of chapter 1.  

You can also read the initial portion of the novel at no charge or obligation by visiting (click "free preview") or Amazon (click "Look Inside").

Media and Events! 

A wonderful group of supporters joined Elaine Kelly to celebrate the publication of Forgotten Followers!

Is this Novel suitable for Small Group Study?

Yes! Free Discussion Questions

Since Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold covers the period of the four gospels, it is an ideal book to stimulate group discussion of Jesus, his life and teachings, his interactions with women, and the  themes of biblical equality. For deeper reflection and conversation, check out my upcoming Interactive Study Guide.

What's the Best Way to Read Forgotten Followers?

Free Reference Note for Forgotten Followers, including excerpts from:
What to Do When You Feel Forgotten: Interactive Study Guide for Forgotten Followers

Do you want to compare the novel to the biblical narrative? Do you want to reconsider ideas presented in the novel? Do you want to look at how art and fiction can help us understand biblical truths? Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold highlights universal themes of racism, abuse, equality and freedom and brings hope and healing. Click below for my article on how to read biblical fiction. 

Click for your Free Reference Note for Forgotten Followers: from Broken to Bold! In it, I provide biblical references by chapter, questions for reflection and prayer prompts.

What is Biblical Equality?
Check out The Sword A Fun Way to Engage in Healthy Debate on What the Bible Says About a Woman's Role

Imagine the Bible as the Spirit's powerful Sword. What if this Sword could only be drawn by those with good intentions, ears to hear, and a heart to love?

What if people learned to handle this Sword to cut away barriers between us instead of cutting away people?

This book provides 104 flashcards with various understandings of biblical passages. Sword cards thrust a case for one stance while shield cards deflect with an alternate perspective. It is a great way to introduce the rationale for  Complementarian and Egalitarian views to adults and youth. Let's increase our mutual understanding and respect. 

Explore, reflect, and have fun!

What To Do When You Feel Forgotten:
Interactive Devotional 
Coming Soon

A Harmony of the Gospels and companion to Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold.

If you sometimes feels forgotten or doubt your place in God’s family, this interactive devotional will bring you back to the Jesus of the Gospels. Over forty days, see the story of Jesus as one continuous narrative, and explore the themes of healing from trauma,affirmation, inclusion, equality, and hope. See how Jesus encourages, equips, and empowers women as patrons, disciples, and apostles. ​


Coming Soon

How Can I Spread the Word?
Talk to friends; Review online

Don't let the woman disciples be forgotten followers!

Spread the word about this fresh, new fiction to encourage others to read about the woman disciples and gender equality.

  • Post a Review on Chapters-Indigo

  • Share a review on Amazon or Goodreads

  • Follow my page on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram

  • Post your comments on social media

  • Hashtag #forgottenfollowers

When Can I Get Book 2 of the Series?

Coming Soon:
Because She Was Called
from Broken to Bold, Book 2
A novel of the early church 

After the legalist establishment stones Stephen, followers of The Way scatter. Susannah takes off to Caesarea and lands in the arms of a deacon who wants to limit her freedoms.

Nabatea attacks Herod Antipas, and tragedy strikes. Joanna takes action for justice and to protect believers and her family, but can she let go of her grief and anger? Will holding onto her faith cost her the loss of her son?

Do You Offer Specials?

Just in time for Christmas!🎄


My Shop: Check out the new 'Shop' tab on my website for exclusive bundles not available anywhere else! 

Free! Sign up for my eNews and get an opportunity to receive a Free Advance Reader Copy of my next novel! Advance Readers are asked to post an online review at the launch date. 

GIVE SMART: How to make a Dramatic Difference with your Donation Dollar  (2008)

While a professional financial advisor, Elaine R Kelly authored this fiction about out a woman considering charitable financial planning. It shows Canadian strategies to give with the heart and to give smart. 

FREE: Discover your Giving Personality  (Appendix 1)

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