Inspiring you to be your best self

Elaine Kelly became an author after experiencing life as a financial advisor, community volunteer, daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother.  Her passion is to write engaging fiction that also inspires, teaches, and empowers. 

As a financial planner, she wrote newsletters and financial articles and presented seminars putting concepts into plain language.  Elaine's love of language and drama, and her heart for helping others, led her to writing.  She enjoys putting readers in the shoes of another to understand varied points of view. 

Her first book inspired readers to make wise decisions about their financial donations to charity. 

Her current Work-In-Progress, "Out of Brokenness:  The Forgotten Followers", develops the characters of women who were Jesus' students, patrons, disciples and apostles, and it inspires readers to see women as leaders. 

Elaine was exploring the disciples on the road to Emmaus when she discovered the strong possibility one of them was a woman.  Elaine wanted to develop and share the story of that woman, Mara of Clopas.    

Elaine explored Joanna's story after discovering that women did the financial planning to support the work of Jesus.  

"Out of Brokenness:  The Forgotten Followers" tells the story of Mara, broken by abuse, and Joanna, broken by racism.  Both take steps to self-care and wholeness.  Read how they become leaders, speakers, and teachers.  

Elaine was in the minority as a woman at business school and in her career in life insurance and investment management.   As a mother of three daughters, Elaine believes it is important to inspire girls and women to be their best selves, to do all that God created them to do. 

Check out the books, blogs, and freebees on this website and get in touch if you have any comments or questions, or want to schedule a reading.  Elaine Kelly would be happy to hear from you.