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Elaine Ricker Kelly Christian egalitarian author


Writing to show God lifts the lowly, empowers women, brings equality, freedom, healing and hope

Elaine R Kelly, Author of historical fiction and non-fiction books and blogs. 

Elaine Ricker Kelly writes empowering books for women using her experiences as a business person, volunteer, friend, daughter, sister, wife, mother, and grandmother. Elaine Ricker Kelly HBA MBA graduated from the Ivey Business School at Western University in London Ontario, with an HBA in 1983 and an MBA in 1991. She earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 1998, the Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) in 2015 and the Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA) designation in 2018, giving these up on retirement in 2021.  


Women were a minority when Elaine began her investment and life insurance advisor career. However, she saw women in leadership in ministry, church, and politics, and there was a strong movement toward equal rights and opportunities for women. Thirty years later, she realized there was a strong counter-movement against women's freedoms, and Elaine knew that Jesus engaged women as financial advisors and equipped and empowered woman disciples. As a mother of three daughters, Elaine saw church and society devalue girls and women. She now writes biblical fiction and blogs and is a guest speaker at book clubs and on Podcasts/YouTube channels to remind Christians that  Jesus endorsed equal opportunities for all believers. 

Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold is a historical fiction about women in the Bible. Biblical fiction is designed to explore the culture and context of the characters and events described in the Bible. Rather than adding or taking away from Scripture, it puts you in the biblical narrative to stimulate deeper contemplation of Scriptures.

The Sword is her non-fiction introducing various biblical perspectives of a woman's role. The 104 flashcards employ a fencing motif, with sword cards putting forward one perspective and shield cards deflecting it with an alternative. It shows complementarian (hierarchal) views side-by-side with egalitarian (mutualism) views. Useful for adult or teen Christian education, it introduces arguments and provides 180 end notes for reference and further study.  

Elaine R Kelly Author advocates for equal rights and opportunities for all people, regardless of gender, race, class, or sexual orientation. She sees the Bible mandating the church to facilitate all believers to use their gifts, and all believers to speak, act, or lead as God calls them at home, church and society. She writes empowering blogs sharing her research on biblical equality, biblical interpretation, church history and doctrine, and women in leadership.

Elaine R Kelly designed the image of the rainbow and fish below to indicate an affirming Christian. 

You can find out more about her beliefs here.

Elaine R. Kelly, her husband, and their little dog live near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She and her husband have hiked the 900 km Bruce Trail and enjoy nature, tennis, music, history, and culture.

They worship in the mainline Protestant Christian tradition.

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Author Photo Credit:  @storyunlocked

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