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Elaine R Kelly Author brings healing and hope to those who are sidelined or silenced by the church by writing historical fiction and blogs about women in the Bible and church history, gender and religion, and biblical studies.

📖Forgotten Follower from Broken to Bold, a historical fiction empowering women in showing women in the Bible overcoming trauma, abuse, and racism

📖Because She Was Called (from Broken to Bold book 2) A novel of the early church shows how early Christians overcame divisions, incorporated women in ministry, mutuality in marriage, and affirming LGBTQ+, adopting all believers into the family of faith. 

📖The Sword: A Fun Way to Engage in Healthy Debate on What the Bible says about a Woman’s Role contains 104 flashcards and 180 end notes showing an objective rationale for diverse views on gender roles. 

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Released April 16, 2024

Because She Was Called
from Broken to Bold book 2
A Novel of the Early Church

After legalists kill Stephen, followers of The Way scatter. Susannah takes off to Caesarea and lands in the arms of a deacon. But will he limit her freedoms? Will she choose romance over obeying God's call? Torn by grief and anger, where will Joanna turn for shelter? Will she testify before powerful men? Will loyalty to Jesus cost her the loss of her son?

“A remarkable tale affirming Christian egalitarianism that will captivate, provoke, and inspire readers on an unforgettable journey through the origins of Christianity.” -Prairies Book Review

Because She Was Called was named a Finalist in the 2024 Independent Author Awards, a stage for diverse voices to connect with worldwide audiences. 

While this novel continues character development from Forgotten Followers From Broken to Bold, Book 1, each can be read as a stand-alone novel. Forgotten Followers is set in the Gospels; Because She Was Called is set in Acts 2-11. If you are a spiritual wanderer or ex-vangelical, take a sip of fresh, living water with this story of how the early church overcame divisions and changed the world. 

This is a Christian egalitarian

and affirming fiction.

LGBTQ+ affirming Christian logo
Because She Was Called  book Back cover

Forgotten Followers
from Broken to Bold book 1
A Novel

Released September 2022

Forgotten Followers front cover with evvy award

After years of submission, Mara is afraid and unsure about everything—especially her nephew, Jesus. Then he is chased off a cliff, and Mara is forced into the unknown. At the same time, Joanna grapples with hiding her mixed-race heritage or losing her family and community. Despite trauma, abuse, racism, and inequality, they join other women following Jesus. Will Jesus’s opposition to the establishment endanger their lives?

Book 1 of the From Broken to Bold series, Forgotten Followers brings love and encouragement to anyone who has felt alone, sidelined, or silenced. Whether evangelical or exvangelical, confident or questioning, readers can find healing and hope in this CIPA EVVY award-winning religious fiction.

Be sure to check out the FAQ and Freebees tabs!

Details of the twelve women disciples of the novel are here.

Testimonial for Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold by Sheila Wray Gregoire

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Coming Soon

Walk with Mara on her Healing Journey:
21 Steps to Emotional Resilience 

21 steps to healing (3).jpg

​Do you sometimes feel unsure, doubting yourself, others, or even God? Have you felt disheartened, alone, or hopeless? Have anxiety or fear hurt your mental health and ability to make friends? Does your church sideline or limit your participation? Has being made silent and submissive broken your self-confidence? Do you need to reconstruct your faith?


I have felt these things, and I am sharing tools that can help you heal from the emotional hurts of everyday living. When we pray for healing, the Spirit guides us and others through proactive steps.

Unlike other self-help books, these 21 steps are each illustrated by examples from my own life and from Mara, a character in my historical fiction, Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold. If you struggle with doubts or self-esteem issues, you will relate to Mara - and to me. Now you can walk with Mara, taking the 21 steps in this stand-alone book to build your own emotional resilience. Each principle contains relatable examples, biblical references, and reflection prompts. Like a broken vase put back together, may these ideas help restore you so that you might accept your place as a worthy, equal heir in God's family and fulfil the purpose for which God created you.

Coming August 7th!   Pre-Order Now:

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The Sword
A Fun Way to Engage in Healthy Debate on
What the Bible Says About a Woman's Role

Released February 2023

Imagine the Bible as the Spirit's powerful Sword. What if the Sword could only be drawn by those with good intentions, ears to hear, and a heart to love?

What if people learned to handle this Sword to cut away barriers between us instead of cutting out people?

This book provides 104 flashcards with various understandings of biblical passages. Sword cards thrust a case for one stance, while shield cards deflect with an alternate perspective. There are an equal number of flashcards introducing Egalitarian and Complementarian views. These flashcards support healthy debate on conflicting biblical interpretations of gender roles at home, church, and society. Contemplate, converse, or cut out the flashcards to use with adults or youth.

Let's increase our mutual understanding and respect.

Explore, reflect, and have fun!

Front Cover of The Sword A Fun Way to Engage in Healthy Debate on What the Bible Says About a Woman's Role

What to Do When You Feel Forgotten:
Reconnect with Jesus in 40 Devotions based on a Harmony of the Gospels

Coming Soon

​Do you sometimes feel forgotten, alone, sidelined or silenced? Do you doubt Jesus, Christianity, or your place in God’s family? Re-encounter Jesus in one chronological narrative harmonizing the four Gospels. Experience the story of Jesus empowering the women who walked with him. Through forty interactive devotionals, explore doubt, healing, affirmation, inclusion, equality, and hope. Break down the layers of religion and re-set your faith on the foundation of Jesus, who encourages, equips, and empowers women as patrons, disciples, and apostles. 

Sessions contain:

  • Gospel reading 

  • Context: timeline, location, people, history, culture, illustrations, related passages

  • Engage the Emotions: read an excerpt from the fiction Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold 

  • Interactive enrichment activities: matching games, quizzes, worksheets, and word puzzles.

  • Journal questions for reflection

  • Prayer Focus

  • Further study resources


Cover for Devotional  (8).jpg

Released June 2024

Short Story:
A Companion's Strength

What if you were the centurion in charge of the guards at Jesus's tomb? What if you fell asleep and the body went missing? And you had already shown your loyalty to Jesus publicly? Would the priests take you to Pilate asking for your death sentence? Where would you go? Who would support you? 

This Short Story introduces two characters in Because She Was Called.

A Companion's Strength is available free, exclusively for e-news subscribers.

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