Elaine R Kelly, Author of inspirational and empowering historical Christian fiction showing women of the Bible, called by Jesus to be students, disciples, patrons, leaders, teachers and apostles.

The writing uses conversational language, avoids religious words, and has themes of inequality, abuse, discrimination, and racism. 

Read provocative storylines that challenge today's patriarchy and encourage women to speak and act boldly. 

 For articles on biblical interpretation, inspiration, church history and tradition, research, and feminist theology, click on the Blog tab.

Forgotten Followers: from Broken to Bold
A Novel
Released September 2022

Forgotten Followers: from Broken to Bold tells the stories of women disciples overcoming the trauma of abuse and racism. Experience the love and affirmation that empowers them to speak and act boldly. Like a parable, the novel tells a story that speaks straight to the heart.

After years of submission, Mara is afraid and unsure about everything—especially her nephew, Jesus. Then he is chased off a cliff, and Mara is forced into the unknown. At the same time, Joanna grapples with hiding her mixed-race heritage or losing her family and community. Despite trauma, abuse, racism, and inequality, they join other women following Jesus. Will Jesus’s opposition to the establishment endanger their lives?

Forgotten Followers brings love and encouragement to anyone who has felt alone, rejected, or simply out of place. Instead of dismissing women of the Gospels as unimportant, author Elaine Ricker Kelly lifts them up as empowered and vibrant characters. Whether evangelical, exvangelical, atheist, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, deconstructing or doubting, readers can find themselves in this historical fiction, the first novel in the Broken to Bold series.​​

May this story encourage you to be your best self, and to do all that God created you to do.  ​

Details of the twelve women disciples of the novel are here.

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What to Do When You Feel like a Forgotten Follower
Interactive Study Guide
Coming Fall 2022

Official companion to Forgotten Followers: from Broken to Bold.

This is for anyone who sometimes feels like a forgotten follower, doubts their place in God’s family, or has questions. This ten-session guide is for individual reflection or group discussion exploring the themes of the novel: biblical equality, homosexuality, women’s freedoms, abuse, and racism. See how Jesus encourages, equips, and empowers women as patrons, disciples, and apostles. 

Each interactive study session contains:

  • Biblical References for each chapter of the novel

  • Thought-provoking quotes from the novel and questions for reflection/discussion

  • Historical notes, illustrations

  • Interactive enrichment activities: character descriptions, plot lines, matching games, quizzes, work sheets, word puzzles

  • Menus and Recipes from the novel

  • Songs matching the themes of the novel

  • Prayer Focus

  • Further study resources

Swords and Shields
A Card Game to understand Biblical Viewpoints on Gender Equality
Enrichment Cards Coming Fall 2022

Have you wondered how to respond when someone tells you the Bible prohibits women from speaking or directing a group or that God ordained women to be at the home?

When an expert in the law asked Jesus how to inherit eternal life, Jesus replied by asking 'What is written in the Law? How do you interpret it?" (Luke 10:26). Each of us reads and interprets Scripture from our own frame of view.

Christians, regardless of their views on women's roles, find biblical support for their viewpoint. Ephesians 6 calls God's word a sword and faith our shield. The Bible can be used as a sword and shield to argue our views and to defend our understanding. 

I have prepared a card game using swords to present a brief rationale for various biblical interpretations and defensive shields with matching numbers to present alternate understandings. Each sword is to be paired against a defensive shield with a matching number. The two Crowns are wild cards that can pair with anything. The two Jokers are losing arguments that cannot be paired with anything. This deck of 104 cards (50 pairs, two crowns and two jokers) can be played in a game similar to Rummy or Concentration to find matching pairs.

The ultimate goal is to increase understanding and respect for fellow Christians who have opposing views so that we are better equipped to love one another. While other resources provide a deeper analysis of Complementarian and Egalitarian views this book of cards provides brief snapshots showing some of the different ways people may read the Bible.It will stimulate discussion and help you clarify your own viewpoint, so you can choose a church home and a spouse who shares your viewpoint and align your giving and your purchases.  It is a simple introduction for those who are new to the concepts, whether adults or youth.

Forgotten Apostles: from Broken to Bold
Book 2

A Novel: coming in 2023

After Stephen is stoned, Joanna flees to Antioch and joins an active community of Greek believers. Susannah escapes to her Palestinian suppliers in Caesarea. Many understand God’s messages as Susannah interprets the prophecies of her four daughters. Joanna travels using her Latin name Junia and speaks boldly about love and acceptance, becoming the woman Paul calls an “outstanding apostle.”

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Elaine R Kelly authored this book to show financial planning strategies for charitable giving in a fictional story. 

Canadians interested in donating to charities look for ways to give with their heart and to give smart. 

Through a story of a woman considering her own giving options, Elaine R. Kelly guides readers through the maze of strategies and tax or estate implications to show how Canadians can achieve dramatic value for their charitable dollar. 

"A useful resource to give to anyone who may be considering a major donation." - Brad Giroux, Estate Planning Specialist

"Give Smart is alive with real-life discussions about the experiences and decisions in being a donor.  Kelly takes the reader along a witty journey of investment and tax savvy."  - Alastair Davis, CEO, Habitat for Humanity Niagara

"Creative and comprehensive, Ms. Kelly's book is a great guide for any donor considering return on their investment, and providing clarity on the many giving opportunities available to donors today." - Frances Hallworth, Executive Director, United Way of St Catharines & District

"the concepts remain the same and Elaine Kelly explains them simply.  We often refer to the appendixes which I'm sure many people find very helpful."- A 2021 reader's email