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Original Sin: Constructing Your Faith Activity (4)

This is the final of four posts on Original Sin and its impact on our views about (1) Are We Born Bad: the innocence or guilt of babies, (2) the Meaning of Baptism (3) Salvation: the role of faith and works.,_assigned_to_Naval_Mobile_Construction_Battalion_(NMCB)_40,_Det._Horn_of_Africa_(HOA),_uses_a_mallet_to_make_sure_the_cement_block_fits_securely.jpg
Image: Wikimedia Public Domain

I have summarized many of the various views of the past three posts in the building blocks below. If you are deconstructing or examining what you believe about God's character, gender roles, sin and salvation, you may use these blocks to reconstruct what you believe.

Circle the ideas that resonate with you and put an X through those you reject.

I hope this exercise clarifies and strengthens your faith.

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