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Promoting Peace on Earth

In December, I joined another author and went to a local holiday bazaar with local vendors, crafts and foods. All proceeds went to Community Care.

Check out the four romantic suspense novels by local author Sue Jaskula. My historical fiction and Sue Jaskula's romantic suspense are available locally at the Nook, beside Grimsby's Giant Tiger. If you are looking to curl up with a book this winter, check out these books on Amazon.

My novel, Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold is a perfect gift for someone who feels forgotten or alone. It's also great for those who have fought for equal rights for women and for anyone who has doubts and wants to reconstruct their faith. It is an inspirational novel empowering women with fresh perspectives, the strength of sisterhood, and the freedom to speak and act boldly. Forgotten Followers shows how Jesus reached out to minorities, people of all races and genders, and welcomed them into God's family. Christians are called to live out their faith by following God. Only with justice and equality can we achieve peace on earth.

At the bazaar, I also made available the children's picture books by Laurie Vandenhurk. Ricker Sees An Elephant shows how a boy learns to make friends in a new country and has amazing photos of African animals. Adventures of Amazing Amy shows how a girl who wants to do things all by herself learns to live in a community. These books show a mix of cultures living in harmony. Children reading these books will see that mixing races builds friendships and peace on earth.

It was heartwarming to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus and watch them dance to live music.

One of my favourite parts of the holiday season is reading children's picture books. One that my mother gave to me to read to our daughters is called Three Wise Women. It shows women from far-off corners of the world visiting Jesus at the stable. One brings the gift of bread to bless, one gives Jesus the gift of stories to tell, and one gives Jesus her child's kiss, the gift of love to share.

In preparing for the Christmas season, I told the story of Rudolph to a little one for the first time. He asked why the others didn't want Rudolph to be their friend, and I replied because Rudolph had a red nose and they all had black noses. The child asked, 'but why they didn't play with him?' It was silly but they didn't know how great it was to have a red nose until Santa said he really needed a red-nosed reindeer to beam like a flashlight and help him. Then we got some deer tree ornaments onto the table and acted out the story of Rudolph. Everyone likes to be included and have a purpose. After one person was friendly to

Rudolph, everyone wanted to play with Rudolph. Later, in a store, the child pointed to a picture of Rudolph smiling and happy, nose to nose with a black nose reindeer who was also smiling and happy. We agreed they were happy because the colour of your nose doesn't matter.

It reminded me of the phrase, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle rules the world - from an 1865 poem by William Ross Wallace. Each generation needs to teach the next one how to be thoughtful, kind, and friendly to other people.

Peace on earth cannot be achieved by telling women or minority groups to be silent. Peace is achieved through listening and addressing concerns. Peace is the result of education and justice.

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