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The No Pressure Book Club

Thoroughly enjoyed attending The No Pressure Book Club this morning... no pressure to read a whole book for each meeting, and lots of time for deep discussion.

The book club members said they enjoyed the novel's details which made them feel like they were there. They could relate to the characters and to feeling alone in a crowd.

We discussed how the church or religious organizations are no longer central in communities, and what changes may be needed so the next generation receives value in being part of a church community. Discussions that involve participation and make the Bible come alive and relatable to everyone may help. We had lots to discuss based on just the first five chapters of #ForgottenFollowers from Broken to Bold:

ladies seated
Participants in the No Pressure Book Club

We discussed:

- how childhood experiences shape our adult attitudes

- impact of a parent belittling a child

- impact of discipline on students

- lasting fears, anxieties, inhibitions

- how a lack of self-confidence feeds judging others

- how we can parent so that we give children a healthy self-image

- how we can raise our children and love them and let them make their own decisions as adults

- negative self-image or body image can inhibit building friendships

- how expectations for purity may lead to self-judgement

- how a woman may be blamed for a man's lust, accused of asking for it by her dress or appearance, both historically and today

- ideas to heal from trauma, letting go of bitterness, accepting compliments

- shared some miracles that happened in our lives - and some miracles that did not

- was Mary, Jesus's mother, formational in Jesus's understanding of Scripture?

- how did Jesus's siblings feel about Jesus claiming to be from God?

- was the woman at the well immoral or was she theologically knowledgeable, sent out by Jesus as a missionary and respected by fellow villagers?

- norms of marriage and divorce in the first-century Roman Empire

- we discussed why Jews and Samaritans avoided each other in the first century and racial conflicts today

There's a lot to discuss!



Elaine Ricker Kelly uses her experiences as a woman in business to inspire and empower women at home, church and society. She was an investment and insurance advisor for thirty years, has three grown daughters, and is passionate about writing to encourage girls and women in leadership. Elaine R. Kelly lives near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, with her husband and lap dog. She and her husband have hiked the 900 km Bruce Trail and enjoy hiking, nature, tennis, music, history and culture.

Books by Elaine Ricker Kelly:

Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold - biblical fiction offering hope and healing to anyone who feels forgotten, belittled, or out of place.

The Sword: A Fun Way to Engage in Healthy Debate on What the Bible Says About a Woman's Role - provides 104 flashcards with an objective, memorable look at the rationale for diverse views on gender roles.

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