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Three Ways to Add Drama to Creative Writing (CIPA)

After attending The Well conference for Christian Creatives, I wrote an article about some of the things I learned, and the Chrisitan Indie Publishing Association has published my article!

"It’s good to write what God lays on your heart; it’s better to write it effectively. Today, we will look at making our creative writing excellent by adding drama to it." Elaine Ricker Kelly

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woman writing
Photo from Christian Indie Publishing Association article

Elaine Ricker Kelly Author is empowering women with historical fiction about women in the Bible and early church and Christian blogs about women in leadership, church history and doctrine. Her books include:

  • Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold, Book 1

  • The Sword A Fun Way to Engage in Healthy Debate on What the Bible Says About a Woman's Role

  • Because She Was Called: from Broken to Bold, Book 2, A Novel of the Early Church, imagines Mary Magdalene's trip to testify before the emperor

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