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What happened in the Garden of Eden? #Evewasframed

Updated: May 16, 2022

This week I discovered the Eden Podcast, discussing the correct translation of Geneses 3:16 and its implications about women and men being equal partners.

Dr. Joy Fleming found that God promised the woman she would experience increased “sorrowful-toil” (or ‘itsabon, in Hebrew) on the infertile ground after God’s cursed the ground because of the man, v. 17). God also promised the woman increased fertility or “conception” (or heron, in Hebrew) and that her Offspring would crush the head of the serpent-tempter. God did not curse Eve or Adam, who were each made in God's image and each tasked with ruling over the earth. God did not curse Eve's offspring, including us. God cursed the snake and the soil:

-The curse on the land would multiply the sorrowful toil of the land for both women and men; and -The curse on the snake would mean enmity between the snake (Satan) and the women's Offspring (Jesus).

Blaming Eve for the Fall of mankind, or saying that all women should be subjugated is an incorrect interpretation of God's word. #evewasframed

Dr. Joy Fleming wrote about these ideas in her book:

Man and Woman in Biblical Unity: Theology from Genesis 2-3 (2013)

Her husband, Bruce C. E. Fleming, expands on these ideas in writing:

The Book of Eden, Genesis 2-3: God Didn't curse Eve (or Adam) or Limit Woman in Any Way (2021)

Beyond Eden: Ephesians 5-6: The Great Mystery Revealed: Mutually Submitting in Christ (2021)

Bruce writes that God’s words to the woman, correctly translated, show the grace and plan of God regarding the woman. Like the man, she would experience increased sorrow working the cursed ground, but she would be blessed with the ability to bear offspring.

Find Details:


Youtube channel: Tru316

The Eden Podcast

In this media, Bruce Fleming explains how the translation of Genesis has implications for seven key Bible passages on women and men.

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