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Writers Update

Thank you for supporting me on this writing journey! I am part of the army of women who proclaim God's word. The message that the Bible endorses equality for all people, regardless of gender or orientation, must be proclaimed. I love thinking about the army of women in the Bible in Psalm 68:11.

Today I'm going to be transparent with you. Here is where I am at the moment with my Google site, Wix site, Social Media update, and 2024 writing goals.

🎯Google Search Report:

My website received 70 clicks from Google in the 28 days ended Jan. 8, 2024. I am so thankful for this, as it shows me that during the rush of the Christmas season, people were taking time to check out articles on biblical equality. Google/mybusiness is a free service that I would recommend to anyone who wants to be found on Google.

🎯Wix Website Report:

In the 30 days that ended January 8, 2024, site sessions were up 53%, with 92% of visits from new visitors! The site received 246 blog post views in the 30 days ended January 14, 2024. Most visited blogs:

bar graph
Google report; Wix website report

🎯Social Media Update

I became active on social media August 2021 saying:

"Keep your hopes and dreams alive! I have been writing, researching, and editing a new novel about the women who followed Jesus. What I found will inspire and empower others, especially women, to be everything God calls them to be, their best self. It is a historical fiction with implications for today, showing the women who were eyewitnesses, patrons, disciples, and apostles of Jesus. Readers may be surprised to see their strength and leadership." #forgottenfollowers 

Instagram elaine_kelly_author 372 followers

Twitter elaine_kelly_author 773 followers

Facebook Page elainekellyauthor 184 followers

YouTube ERK4Canada where I have posted about 10 videos is mainly a place where I curate and list videos I have found helpful from scholars discussing #biblicalequality

PR Update:

Since publishing my novel Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold, in September 2022, I have attended five book club meetings and 2 festivals. I have been a guest on five podcasts. Since February 2021, I have written over 150 blogs on church history, women in ministry, biblical equality, and the writing craft. I have cross-published articles on three other websites.

🎯Writing Goals for 2024:

Because She Was Called, from Broken to Bold Book 2, a novel of the early church

What to Do When You Feel Forgotten: Reconnect with Jesus in 40 Devotions based on a Harmony of the Gospels (coming soon).

Grace and Grit: from Broken to Bold, Book 3 Set in AD 37-44, this novel covers Acts 11-13. The Way comes under fire with the new Emperor Caligula promoting the Imperial religion while Herod Agrippa supports the religious legalists (coming soon).

I have done Ephesians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, 1 Peter, 1 Corinthians

2024 Goals: Galatians, Philippians, Colossians, 2 Peter, 2 Corinthians


Elaine Ricker Kelly Author is empowering women with Christian fiction about women in the Bible and early church and Christian blogs about women in leadership, church history and doctrine. Her books include:

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