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The Power of Story-telling

In my new life as an author, I am very focused on the rule to "Show, Don't Tell". Other books have been written explaining the rationale for women in Christian leadership: the history and theology are debated by scholars. My fiction, Forgotten Followers: from Broken to Bold, shows Jesus #empoweringwomen. I have spent months editing to ensure I have character and plot development, adding tension and cutting preaching. My story shows women facing brokenness and shows them overcoming it. I hope that seeing the strategies these women use will help readers overcome their own darkness or doubts.

In my past life as a financial advisor, we had a similar rule "Facts Tell; Stories Sell". Instead of going into technical jargon about a certain investment strategy, we would tell a true story. It might be about a woman who invested by a certain strategy and now has a stable retirement income, or about a man who used a certain technique and saved money on taxes or estate costs.

It turns out my two careers are not all that different. Both require speaking, writing, and presentations. Both require the ability to tell a story.

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