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TruFriends: Elaine Kelly on Tru316

New on The Eden Podcast: 😊we don't have to be righteous on our own 😊all work is ministry

😊 #forgottenfollowers #fiction shows #traumarecovery #empoweringwomen 😊 #theSword #nonfiction shows #complementarian #egalitarian 😊Play along with the Fact or Fiction game on the episode! 😊Enter to win a #freebook -it's easy! Described in the last 5 minutes of the episode.

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The Eden Podcast with Elaine Kelly

Show Notes @Tru316 on YouTube:

Elaine Kelly has authored a novel based on Biblical characters and produced a unique book of a flash card game presenting two views – the egalitarian and the complementarian views.

As a financial advisor in Canada Elaine wanted to find out more about Joanna because, Elaine says, "she was a female financial advisor and supporter of Jesus."

Hear the Elaine Ricker Kelly Story and get in on a limited Book offer of her "Sword Game" from Elaine email your request to her via

Christy, Bruce, and Elaine on The Eden Podcat @Tru316 on YouTube

0:0 introductions

1:35 Christy and Elaine talk about both being Moms of twins!

2:25 Elaine's bio

3:17 Elaine and Bruce have a playful discussion about the Bruce Trail being a place where Bruce should live

5:29 Bruce asks Elaine how she came to be a Christian

6:51 God gives us skills and talents and gifts; Bruce asks Elaine about her ministry

8:25 Tell us about your writing: I was interested in looking into the women of the Bible and I thought others would be interested in what my research showed, especially if I put it into a novel: Forgotten Followers from Broken to bold.

book covers
The Eden Podcast logo and first book, and two books by Elaine Ricker Kellyl

9:26 My research showed how people are recovering from trauma, especially spiritual trauma and the inequality enforced in some parts of Christianity that can lead to abuse.

10:39 My second book is a non-fiction called The Sword, where I show what I learned about the rationale for Christians to have opposing views based on the same biblical passages.

12:01 Let's look at a sample flashcard from The Sword: a complementarian and an egalitarian take on Genesis 1-2

13:06 How can the book of flashcards be used as a game?

14:16 Bruce relates a story of a barrister who found the complementarian (patriarchal) arguments fell apart

15:28 Elaine notes the surprising thing assembling the rationale for both camps is that there are dozens of verses giving examples of women leaders in the Bible and the complementarian responses are based on only a handful of verses.

15:59 In past eras of history the church has developed doctrine on such things as the Trinity, salvation, and missions and we seem now to be in a generation discussing men and women.

16:31 If you get Genesis 3:16 wrong, it influences everything else

Find the interview on the Elaine Ricker Kelly YouTube Playlist

16:48 Quiz Time! Play along with the Fact or Fiction questions

18:59 Did God speak in the same way to the Serpent, the woman, and the man in the garden?

20:15 There are two rebels, and a curse results from the actions of the Serpent and the man.

20:21 People look for the woman to be cursed and our translations make it look like she is cursed but that's what it says in Genesis 3:16 if you go back to the original in Hebrew. Even if you go back to 1611, the King James version says the result for the woman is two things: multiplied sorrowful toil (same as the man's toil, due to the cursed ground), and multiplied conception (a blessing of fertility, nothing to do with labour in delivery or pain in childbirth).

23:46 Christy discusses peers who ended up divorced due to abuse and their churches did not support them but tried to keep them in unhealthy environments. It misrepresents God and they walk away from their faith.

Find links to the podcast, blogs, and books at

25:41 Elaine agrees there is more at risk than women in leadership. The position of women is not a minor thing; it's enough to threaten their whole faith. Some biblical interpretations make God look abusive, so no wonder they walk away from their faith. In my novel, I have a woman who had trauma in her past and in each chapter, she meets people who provide suggestions or techniques to reframe her experiences or ideas to help her heal. If readers follow the things Mara learns to do, it may help them recover from trauma.

26:30 Wrap-up: A #freegift being offered; one free paperback copy of The Sword book of flashcards, just email

27:37 Thank you so much for the work you do, the ministry in creating The Eden Podcast.


Elaine Ricker Kelly uses her experience as a woman in business to inspire and empower women at home, church, and society. She has been an investment and insurance advisor, has three daughters, and aims to encourage girls and women in leadership. Elaine R Kelly lives in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, with her husband and their dog. She and her husband enjoy hiking, nature, tennis, music, history, and culture. They worship in the mainline Protestant Christian tradition.

Her books include:

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