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Unwrapping the Unexpected!

When you look at a book cover, it gives you some idea or expectations about the novel.

Today, you can unwrap the cover for the first time of my upcoming novel:

Because She Was Called, from Broken to Bold Book 2, A novel of the early church.

I hope that when you see this cover, you will see what I see:

  • a woman who knows God has called her for a special purpose.

  • a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, happy with who God made her to be.

  • a woman who feels the Holy Spirit uplifting her and making her bold.

book cover
Unwrapping the cover of Because She Was Called, a novel of the early church

When the legalists stone Stephen, followers of The Way scatter. Susannah takes off to Caesarea and lands in the arms of a fellow deacon. But will he limit her freedom to follow God’s call to prophesy and interpret? Tragedy motivates Joanna to act boldly. Will Joanna’s grief and anger interrupt her ability to obey God’s call to sow the seeds of God’s word? Will her loyalty to Jesus cost her the loss of her son?

Forgotten Followers from Broken to Bold, Book 1, is a novel that allows readers to experience being with Jesus alongside the female disciples and patrons. It covers a harmony of the four gospels, ending in Acts 2, where the Holy Spirit comes upon all the new believers at Pentecost. Because She Was Called, from Broken to Bold Book 2, A novel of the early church, continues the story in Acts 2-11.

When they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they [women and men] were all filled with the Holy Spiritand spoke the word of God with boldness. (Acts 4:31 NRSVUE).

Why is it the 'unexpected'?

It’s a Christian fiction showing biblical equality. This pushes the envelope on Christian fiction which often affirms patriarchy and restrictions on parts of our population. My novel shows male and female apostles grappling with the radical equality Jesus brought and the vision God gave Peter demonstrating that God shows no favouritism, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, or whether you're male, female, or like the eunuch in the grey area in between.

What's the story behind the cover?

For almost two years, I've been thinking of this novel with the working title of Forgotten Apostles. I thought it portrayed an oxymoron, with women as apostles. I wanted to indicate in the title that women were apostles who were forgotten or erased from our memories. But Apostles means different things to different people, and the working title did not work to capture interest or seem relevant today.

My daughter Erin, @storyunlocked took some time to sit with me and discuss the themes of the book. We came up with 60-70 titles during this brainstorming session. At first, I thought about images of ships, since the women take a trip in a ship, or waves, since the waves change constantly, and the women were courageous, making waves and taking action against the currents as they championed the early church. I thought about God as a woman, protecting the early church under her wings, and the characters imitating Christ and protecting new believers, taking them under their wing. I wanted the title and cover to indicate female characters who are faithful under fire, and who were authorized as apostles and priests. The women were bold trailblazers and powerful pioneers, letting their light shine as Jesus taught. The curtain in the Temple tore when Jesus died, and his followers continued his work by breaking the walls of division. The Bible says women and men were filled with the Holy Spirit and became bold--so bold that women and men were persecuted, imprisoned, and martyred. My main character becomes bold because she is doing what God called her to do. This is a short, punchy story where women take action in the face of great risks. Why? Because She Was Called.

Who would enjoy this fiction?

Readers who love strong female characters will love seeing Marie of Magdala and Joanna appear before Emperor Tiberius and perform a miracle to convince him that Jesus rose!

Women in ministry will enjoy seeing Maria, Jesus's mother, writing pamphlets, teaching, praying and giving the benediction over the congregations. Perpetua, Peter's wife, and Susannah also preach and baptize new believers.

Those who are grieving will share one woman's journey out of grief.

Those who are mothers will empathize with a mother who is kept from her child.

Those who are looking for love but worried about losing their independence will enjoy Susannah's romance.

Those whose faith has made relationships difficult with family members will appreciate the difficult choices in accepting family who have different beliefs.

Those who are history buffs will love seeing biblical events come to life in the first century. They will relate to the debate about how non-Jews can be followers of Jesus. Religious legalists debate what extra requirements should be put on those who are different from them, beyond believing in Jesus.

Those who are egalitarian will appreciate the radical inclusive idea that God made the unclean clean, and God permits believers to actually talk to those they thought were unclean or inferior, to enter their homes, and eat with them. Early believers were shocked at who could be adopted into God's family of faith and what it meant that everyone could be an equal co-heir.

Those who are marginalized will be affirmed by this novel which shows how the early apostles learn what it means to say that Jesus broke the dividing walls (Ephesians 2:14-16). Our differences exist, but in Christ, the differences do not matter and have no impact on rights or privileges. In Christ, we are united as one: Jews/Arabs, citizens/ foreigners/ slaves, rich/poor, adults/children, males/females/eunuchs, and straight or queer (Galatians 3:28, Colossians 3:11, Romans 10:12).

God looks not at outward appearance, but at the heart. God shows no favouritism (Acts 10:34-35, Romans 2:11, Romans 3:22, Galatians 2:6, Ephesians 2:19, 1 Corinthians 11:11-12 1 Corinthians 12:13, James 2:1-9, John 3:16-18, John 4:13). True equality means that no single person or group has the authority to limit or construct walls that restrict what another person or group says or does.

Writing Update:

After writing and editing myself, I have now submitted this novel to a professional editor and beta readers (test readers). In January, I will be incorporating their feedback. I hope to format the novel and have an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) ready in February. Writers use the ARC to solicit influencer testimonials and professional editorial reviews.

I will also provide a complimentary copy of the ARC to my launch team. The launch team includes anyone who contacts me and expresses an interest and ability to read the ebook ARC copy of the novel, likely in February, and to post a review on the launch date at places like Amazon, Goodreads, or your own social media. I am currently targeting a launch date in March or April.

Contact me if you would like complimentary, early access to book 2 of From Broken to Bold, and if you are willing to post an online review to support the launch of its publication.


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