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Do you have Doubts? #womeninministry Episode 1

Updated: Jan 18

Doubting means you are like the disciples! And not just Doubting Thomas. There were many times when the disciples doubted Jesus. Their doubt sometimes prevented him from doing miracles. They urged him not to go to Jerusalem, because of the threats on his life. They doubted that he had risen, believing instead that someone had stolen his body. Jesus rebuked the men for doubting the women who reported he had risen:

Later Jesus appeared to the Eleven as they were eating; he rebuked them for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe those who had seen him after he had risen. Mark 16:14 NIV

Mara has been hurt by religious authorities and doubts Jesus. If you are overcoming trauma or have doubts about God or the church, you will relate to Mara. Do you feel sidelined, hurt or forgotten?

Women may be more inclined to doubt or fear. In my upcoming Interactive Study Guide for Forgotten Followers, I analyze what Mara has experienced and learned, and how these impact her, making her afraid to speak or move, take a risk, or attract attention. These same behaviours can have a negative impact on women today: Look at the list and think about which behaviours and impacts you have experienced. I hope that my novel, Forgotten Followers, will bring love, healing, and hope.

The Bible warns us against harmful behaviours: mocking, insulting, blaming, ignoring people, using people, telling they are not worthy of respect, abusing power, lying, coveting, anger, sexual abuse. The church should not be hiding or covering up these behaviours.

Allowing violence to harm women makes women feel silenced, shamed, guilty. It can lead to a feeling of low self-worth, helplessness and fear. In contrast, God lifts us up, gives us worth as children of God, and tells us to have no fear.

I was thrilled to have a conversation on the Local Churchology Podcast, Episode 1 in their series on women in ministry.

In it, we discuss how fiction can introduce the topic of gender and theology and make difficult concepts accessible. Stories demonstrate truth, just as a parable speaks straight to the heart. Listen to the whole conversation on my Youtube Playlist.

The Local Churchology Podcast examines women in ministry and in church office.

This is Episode 1, duscussing story as an accessible way to introduce ideas. The Local Churchology interviewed me to discuss my novel #ForgottenFollowers from Broken to Bold as a parable, showing how Jesus lifted up women.

On Episode 2, Dr Lynn Cohick discusses how God shows no favouritism and the impact of Ephesians and Colossians on women.

On Episode 3, Dr. Beth Felker Jones provides a framework to navigate gender and theology discussions.

Episode 4 interviews Old Testament scholar Dr. Lee Beach about his journey from complementarian to egalitarian.

Episode 5 of the Local Churchology, shows Dr. Cynthia Long Westfall discussing the meaning of 1 Corinthians 11 and 14 and 1 Peter 3.

Episode 6 interviews Dr. David Fitch and discusses being led by the Holy Spirit.

Episode 7 interviews Tom Barker about 1 Timothy.

Check out my blog summary of each episode. Original interviews are available on YouTube.

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